About IMCS

The International Membrane Computing Society (IMCS) is a scientific society founded in 2016, having as its aim to promote the development of membrane computing (MC), internationally, at all levels (theory, applications, software, implementation, connection with related areas, etc.), by enhancing the communication/cooperation inside the MC community and the connections with other professional scientific organizations with similar aims, by promoting MC to young researchers, by organizing dedicated meetings, by editing a Bulletin and other publications, and so on.

Honorary President

Gheorghe Păun, the founder of MC, gpaun@us.es

Executive Board

  • President: Gexiang Zhang, China, zhgxdylan@126.com, gexiangzhang@gmail.com
  • Vice President: Alberto Leporati, Italy, alberto.leporati@unimib.it
  • Treasurer: Qiang Yang, China, qiangychd@126.com
  • Secretary: Tao Song, China, taosong@hust.edu.cn, songtao0608@hotmail.com
  • Bulletin Committee Chair: Gheorghe Păun, Romania, gpaun@us.es
  • Website Committee Chair: Xiangxiang Zeng, China, xzeng@xmu.edu.cn
  • PR Committee Chair: Marian Gheorghe, U.K. m.gheorghe@bradford.ac.uk
  • Publication Committee Chair: Linqiang Pan, China, lqpanhust@gmail.com
  • Conferences Committee Chair: Claudio Zandron, Italy, zandron@disco.unimib.it
  • Awards Committee Chair: Mario Pérez-Jiménez, Spain, marper@us.es